Keys Lock - Chord Extensions - scale notes should be in order not triad order

In Keys Lock - Chord Extensions mode - I want to jam / improvise melodies against whatever chord is currently playing. However I find the scale notes being generated by the white keys begin with the triad followed by the other notes e.g. CEG + BDFA (for C major) instead of generating CDE + FGAB in order, as I expect.

This means I can’t easily improvise melodies because the notes I want are all over the place - frustratingly, some of the generated notes are even generated an octave higher.

For example, using the chords offered in the C major scale, after pressing the tonic chord C, if I want to play the simple sequence C3 D3 I cannot! The closest I can get is to press the white keys C then G in chord extensions mode but this merely generates C3 then D4 (note the D is an octave higher) - the D3 cannot be generated.

Please add a preference, option or key switch, or another mode which sorts the notes generated by the white notes in consecutive order, within the same octave, so that a musician can improvise melodies. ChordPrism does exactly this - it would be simple (presumably) to add this feature to Scaler 2 and unlock HUGE jamming possibilities.

P.S. I am kind of bewildered why this obvious (to me) use case has not already been implemented or mentioned in the forums. Perhaps I am missing a setting somewhere?


I am happy somebody was able to explain that with the proper tech words
I tried to ask/explain the same thing in the past but I was unable likely because I just didn’t used the correct jargon

I never understood why improvising with Keys Locks let you tickle so few notes

Using Ableton scales onto the instrument track helps a little, but the jamming experience is not so enticing as it can be: in other words, the Rick Wakeman button is still missing
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Yes I looked the video and it works exactly how I expected, similar to the old AIR Ignite BTW
I really hope the next Scaler upgrade will be able to give us that

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Welcome @unjazz I agree with your points. Our initial reasoning was to make it easy or bulletproof if you like, to write melodies. As a composer (or a musician), having the mode you suggested would be great. We shall have a think and discuss internally. Thanks for feedback.