Keys-lock doing both Chord Notes + Scale Notes similtaneously?

Hey All,

Might there be a way to get Keys-lock to do both Chord Notes and Scale Notes similtaneously or some logical version thereof?

So I can easily find the individual notes of my progression chords but play my own live Arpeggios or broken chords AND noodle around outside for accompanying bass notes or top line melody in scale …all LIVE.

I’m experiementing with 2 Scalers running, complex DAW routing and all sorts of I/O tricks but can’t quite get there.

Does this make sense at all?
(my head hurts thinking a ways to do it :exploding_head:)

P.S. I don’t want to use Scalers internal Performance features

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My head hurts thinking about It too and it kind of makes sense but really hard to know exactly what you are trying to do. First steps if it helps is:

  • In Keys Lock have you tried ‘Chord Notes’ setting and played with the ‘Chord Mute’ option (designed to mute the trigger chords so you can play freely around it).
  • Have you played with the ‘Chords Only’ Options in any of the articulations, expressions advanced parameters?

Thanks Davide.

Yes, tried all those but this is the aim:

1. Pre Program the Chord progression’s “1 note triggers” in DAW (muted as you sugest)

2. Then playback with Chord note Keys-Lock so I can arpeggiate or break up those chords as I wish (while encouraging a truly Human live feel) AND have a type of “Scale note Key-lock” also available, to tinkle with (in scale) Bass notes or top line Melodies at the same time.

So Basically you get the focused chord and a greater (useable) range of accompanying notes for true improvization but with the beauty of Scaler’s modus operandi.
Could be a Keys-Lock mode that includes Chords (on 1st few notes) but the rest representing those Scale notes. I Imagine like a real Pianist, playing full chords on Right hand while playing base notes on left or full chords on left hand and melody on right. As close as you can get to the real thing I guess. :thinking:

(The Chord notes Key-Lock isn’t as useful as it might be beyond the original chord notes themselves. I’ve never found much to the right hand side of those notes).

Hope thats a bit clearer. :crossed_fingers:

We have some big changes coming soon which may help but in the meantime have you played with MMO (Multi Midi Output) so you can have each note of each chord go to a different output and from there do what you want with?

Intriguing! Will keep an eye. Thanks D