Keys-Lock "Scale Notes Mapped" doesn't work for Blues Hexatonic Scale


There is Scale Notes Mapped mode for KEYS-LOCK functionality. It is useful. However, it doesn’t work for hexatonic scales. The blue note isn’t mapped properly and it’s mapped to the next key in the scale.

For example, if the scale is set to C Major Blues Hexatonic Scale, which is composed of C D Eb E G, and I hit Eb of the keyboard, E is pressed instead, even though Eb is a proper scale note.

It happens to all the hexatonic scales. I believe this is a bug.

Scaler 2.4.0 (VST3i)
Reaper 6.28
Windows 10

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Hi @cjunekim

thanks for reporting, it seems to be a bug, we will get this sorted.


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Hey Ed, this is probably stating the obvious, but you might want to expand your search beyond Hexatonic.

This might just be my ignorance regarding how the key lock features work across scales and modes, but I’m seeing similar mapping issues in other places…only when the Scale Notes Mapped is active.

For example - Db Lydian Augmented shows the G key correctly tagged with blue, but when I hit the G I get the A, and the A gives me the Bb. I can only access G by playing the F# which is marked with a locked symbol. This occurs across the octaves.

FWIW, I’ve seen this in other scales/modes and it seems to be more frequent on the flat scales but not exclusively.

I’ve not seen this behavior on any of the other Key Locking settings and it appears 100% reproducible.

Win 10, (multiple machines)
NI 32 keyboard
Arturia KeyLab 61 MKII