Keys-Lock useful for chords, not just for single notes

Hi pals

I just found that green keys can be also used for chords, not just for single notes
And even wrong “chords” work, i.e. you can click 2-3 keys together randomly, and they sound as a real correct chord :grinning:
This way, the “sound” improves a lot
Try and let me know

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Ciao Claudio! What do you mean with “green keys”? My first thought comes to this, and I don’t understand how this relates to what you discovered?

I didn’t realize those keys are green also

I mean the Keys-Lock green keys, where you play solos on

Ah right, your headline said “keys-lock” indeed, my bad.


I guess I assumed that was their intention in the first place, that you can play random notes/chords, and they will always match the selected chord (or alternatively scale)

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Yes very nice and easy way of getting extended chords and even melodies that are more harmonic (two notes).