Keys Lock with Vocal Range

This is a feature request since I can’t figure this out in v 2.3. I love Keys Lock: Chords Notes (and Chord Extensions). But Scaler will often play the Chord Note way out of vocal range, e.g. down to C2 when the singer I am writing for cannot hit that note.

It would be great to set a Vocal Range for the melody in scaler. The process would be something like:

  1. set the key and the chords (e.g. C Major, I iv IV V)
  2. bind scaler to the chords.
  3. set the vocal/melody Range (e.g. C3 to C4)
  4. set Key Lock: Chord Notes In Range Only
  5. play the bounded chords and play the melody

Scaler would make sure, for example, when playin the I chord (e.g. C) in the left hand that it would not play C2 in the right hand (chord notes) because the Range is set to C3 to C4. Scaler would know to play C2 instead of C3.


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Easy, just move the bind area and keys lock will move with it. See attached:

Thanks @davide! That is brilliant. Works great. Sorry I didn’t know about that feature. One additional question: is there a way to do this with Voice Grouping enabled too? Voice Grouping is such a wonderful Scaler feature and I use it almost in every song.

I think I can do this by:

  1. creating the chord progression with Voice Grouping on, and record the chords on the MIDI track.
  2. copy the track with Scaler to create a melody track. De-select Voice Grouping and enable Chord Mute.
  3. Play the chords on the melody track with Chord Mute on.

Does this sound correct? Is there a more streamlined way to do it in Scaler, i.e. on one track?


I agree, I love the dynamic voicing and some of the other profiles there too. And yes, you’ve worked it out exactly! That is how I do it. Don’t have scaler with me know but form memory you can just have the dragged chords play in the daw and scaler will lock to those.