Keyswitch Area and "Extra" Notes


Getting started with Scaler 2.4 here, I’m noticing that the keyswitches (green keys on Scaler’s displayed keyboard) are assigned on white keys only. This leaves any black keys in-between to act as normal keys - IOW those keys produce sound. In my situation that is undesirable.

Can this be defeated?

Situation: using grid controllers (Linnstrument and Lauchpad Pro Mk3)

Goal: A separate area for live changing of pattern/row, and a separate area for live choice of triggered pad (chord) within current pattern/row - ** with no “normal” notes sounding from the controller pads anywhere within those two areas **.

For the Binding area (grey keys), I can choose ‘Active Bind Keys: All’ and this packs all the binding keys (grid controller pads in my case) together with no non-assigned “note-playing keys” in-between. Good!

However, for the Keyswtich area, I do not seem to be able to do the same. (Am I mistaken?)

If there is a way to do this, please accept my apology and advise me!

OTOH, if I have described the situation correctly, please consider:

to implement the equivalent of ‘Active Bind Keys: All’ for Keyswitches (e.g. ‘Active Keyswitches: OnlyWhite|All|TrueScale’ )


add some switch(s) or null assignment possibilities so that within the range of either/both Bindings and Keyswitches anything not being used is “dead” rather than transmitting playable notes which are unintended when keys we wish to be inactive are mistakenly touched.


Welcome @sj1 I agree with you, In hindsight we should have just had the keyswitches bound across all keys and its an option we should consider. I’ll discuss with the team and see what’s possible potentially for a point update…

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