King of the Scaler nerds

I thought I’d sneak past “the Boss” to the PC after breakfast on Christmas Day to log on and post something to vie for the title “King of the Scaler nerds” (thinking I’d be the only person on the board), but the crown had already been claimed.

It’s complicated because @bernd is still asleep and @davide has had his turkey, but on a GMT basis the crown (fittingly) has as far as I can see, gone to @davide

Update : 11:57 GMT I see @sinko and @jjfagot get awarded Scaler Nerd Badges :wink:

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We are always checking in frequently, when we get bored just to see what new tips are shared. Look I was just going through the scaler mall just to hang out. :star_struck::partying_face::confetti_ball::tada:

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