KnobCloud to sell no-more-needed digital music stuff

Hi there

thanks to Orange Tree devs who suggested me the KnobCloud website, I am clearing my arsenal by useless (for me) musical stuff

It is very easy to set the selling proposal, communicate with buyers, and cash the money


I think Knobcloud may be a project run by KVR, but don’t know.

Whatever, I clicked on this link to check the site out, and got a pop-up page saying that they could use my personal data for , well, more or less anything.

Having dismissed that, I was faced with a log-in / sign up page.

In other words, before I could even learn anything about their services to see if they were suitable for my needs, I had to register and give them my e-mail address, and end up with an inbox full of unwanted garbage,

Appalling, aggressive, marketing and an instant close window for me. Other may be prepared to hand out their address before even finding out anything about a supplier, but I am not one.

Plus to make it worse, I have a long standing (and only partly irrational) hate of PayPal, which also rules it out.


I came out from the page and all non-personal information like Developer and Information, FAQ et. are accessible to anyone, lingerie included, LOL

I use paypal in my job, and due to the several tools I used and use, at work or for hobbies, I have no problem giving my email to them

I clearly have different emails for job and hobbies, and I use different IDs and strong PWs for every single website, plus I have Bit Defender checking my presence online, so no problem at all

I never received unsolicited emails KnobCloud so far

There is no sign up required to look at Knobcloud. I could look and search the whole site. No lingerie ads either. Not sure what you guys are seeing or why. I do run ad blockers. Still. knobcloud is a well reviewed site.

All is clear. When I clicked @ClaudioPorcellana 's link, it points to

where no indication is given from the above that this is a login page “knobcloud dot come forward slash login” which, of course, asks you to login or sign up - I didn’t look at the url.

So problem solved, triggered by @jamieh who highlighted I was being dumb.

Notwithstanding this, I’m cautious about e-mails, which why I have 10 domains and 200+ e-mails. [By using an e-mail such as izotope@*.org I can file or trash the mails automatically. I also use ‘one off’ addresses when dealing with such as Amazon. Having placed an order I then delete the account; cuts down the card risk and defeats Amazon junk.]

Me either
now the link is corrected

about the adv, I often don’t use my adblocker on the websites I have an account for

I too have used spare e-mails to try to keep spam down. Sadly it hadn’t resulted in totally clean in boxes. Such are the days we live in.