Komplete kontrol s or any midi keyboard

How do I change keyboard location it seems to play to low on keyboard can I do without changing octaves I just want to change from low c to middle c

On Komplete M32 there is an octave button which changes the octave up and down.
In Cubase you select notes and press shift + up, shift +dn to change octave up and down.

On the hardware…

In the software…

But when I do this it still sounds the same

so I have tried it but it doesn’t seem to sound any different

Thanks I had done this but it sounds the same just moved on the keyboard

Well, perhaps then @davide 's suggestion about using a MIDI transpose plugin in the DAW, as answered to what seems to be the same quesiton in the other thread…

For example in Bitwig, you could transpose your physical keys lower in relation to how Scaler perceives them, like so…