Kontakt "layout" for Bind Midi section keys

Hi All,
By default Bind Midi uses C2-B2 to play the diatonic chords, one to seven. Whether I play a major or minor scale, C2 is the first chord.

If you use Native Instrument’s Kontakt, you may notice that instruments that provide a chord feature (e.g. Strummed Acoustic) do something identical, with a similar mapping but with a major difference: minor scales are mapped to the keys in the order of the major scale in the relative key instead!

So, if I play A minor, in Scaler the keys play

i, ii°, III, iv v VI VII

… but in Kontakt the same keys play

III iv v VI VII I ii°

How amazing would it be if the two software behaved the same? I could improvise playing both instruments at the same time without having to do the permutation in my head.

Native Instruments does not get through to me like someone who listen to their customers, and my experience of them is disappointing. However, the Scaler people are nice instead :grinning:. What if Scaler had, in the preferences, a “Kontakt layout” toggle?




The black keys are mapped in Kontakt, too: C# is sus2, D# is sus4, F# is 7, G# is 9 and A# is Bb (?). Scaler does not use the black keys of the Bind Midi section at all, and could do the same.

At the moment, I map the keys one my by one with a combination of a Note FX Layer and Note Filter in Bitwig.

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I am onboard with the “use the black keys” idea! Especially on 25 key MIDI keyboards, this would be invaluable for squeezing out more Scaler control.


Mapping chords on black keys is coming in 2.4 we are testing it at the moment, and it is great! Makes jamming with Maschine and other devices a lot easier.

Regarding the Kontakt way of mapping, I always found it a bit odd personally. If I play with the key position in mind then I tend to want to play on the black keys for degrees I know are flatten in the scale. It makes my brain hurt.

However, I don’t see any technical limitation here so we could add it at some stage. Happy to hear about what others are thinking of this.

We probably would not name it “Kontakt layout” though, maybe “Scale” or “Relative” layout…

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