Kontakt snappier and easier-to-view & use: possible?

Nope, but not far from that. The experienced rocker.

Well, that’s cute but he’s still a kid.

This forum is hilarious at times :joy:


This forum must be always hilarious

That said:

  1. Being called a kid is a privilege to me
  2. I never said that NI tools are bad; quite the opposite
  3. I never said that KK is useless, just that the GUI is Klumsy, antiKuated, Kluttered

P.S: The International Ophthalmologist Association says thank you in the name of all associates :rofl:

have fun

Well, yesterday I found a way to fix the font issue: I increased a lot (200%) the Windows font size on my 2 monitors; the crappy GUI remains, but I can survive to it

Why I didn’t do that first?
Because there are drawbacks; some softwares I use at work doesn’t like that
Why I don’t set my graphic card to have 2 different settings for work and music?
I tend to avoid shortcuts because they easily interfere with the ones I use for working

Last but not least, I don’t understand why @jamieh is unable to understand that there are many people (and an increasing trend among senior) with a so-so sight (me included), who struggle using any crappy GUIs with small fonts, like e.g. KK or my Minimonsta

And there are many kinds of impairment: think for example to colour-blind persons, but there are also people who have great difficulty reading low-contrast fonts like grey on black background… :crazy_face:

So, ranting that some developers do nothing for them is not a tantrum

P.S: my age is about 4 after this

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See you Claudio. Have fun. Make music.

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This made me smile.

I mentioned in a recent post I just re-installed my Line 6 modelling pre-amp, and the manual made me wonder if @ClaudioPorcellana had purchased one and written to Line 6.

The first page of the manual has a KwiK start page which essentially says “don’t expect to be able to use this box unless you read the content”
Kwik start

[No offence intended to Claudio, but the manual made me think of him…]

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Even though I’m not a great guitarist and I’m not really that good even as a bassist even though it’s my instrument. I bought a Quad Cortex pedal and it changed my world of sounds on guitar and bass. It wasn’t cheap, but that’s what I’ve always wanted, to find top sound as easily as possible. This device can also be used live, of course. The studio is absolutely number one at work.

Non-Axe persons might associate ‘pedal’ with a small cheap battery powered gizmo. For those not familiar with it, the Cortex is a profiling pre-amp, which means it can emulate any other amp.

My Line 6 XT Rack is a modeller (from which the Line 6 Helix was derived) , so it’s based on whatever Line 6 offer, and is a somewhat more modest affair.

That set you back few beers …it’s in the territory previously claimed by Kemper, and street prices are sort of GBP 1600 - 1800.

Although the reviews praised it highly for its usability in comparison to the Kemper, I suspect Claudio wouldn’t get much out of it without reading the stinking manual…

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For this money, I invite David Gilmour to practice with me at my home. :laughing:

David can have his sound for much less money (I saw hit with stock equipment and, still, his sound was the same). Settings, fingers, technique - this is what counts, too.

But, OK, it’s only for David. If you want to add Eric Clapton, Steve Hackett and a one or two others, Cortex is less expensive. :rofl:


Everybody has his own style. For most of the things, I don’t read the manual and rely on my intuition and experience. Then, if I need something more, I read the details. For stomp boxes, no need to read anything; for modelers, just to know how to connect everything, to modify the sound and, later, how to store the new preset.
Everything else is listening and changing the sound.


I like giving it very much. It gives me a lot more than a few amps in that corner. That gives hundreds. Also different pedals. This is a game changer.

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Why do I use Scaler? It feeds my creativity and it’s also great to make chords like that that you wouldn’t do otherwise.

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I just want to say, I LOVE the Scaler Muppet Show, I really do, in the most affectionate ways! I wish we all could have a real-live party together!

@ClaudioPorcellana , my dear friend! I have been using the Komplete Kontrol Ultimate library since 2017 on my 2013 PC build, an Intel i5-4570 with 32GB of RAM, a 10 year old machine, with no performance issues at all.

I agree with Kontakt not being the most intuitive UI at all, but I don’t have any performance issues at all with my 10 year old PC!

But then, I am not a big friend of sample-based instruments, which Kontakt is.
I prefer soft-synths, which tend to work pretty well on any CPU over 2.5GHz.

I think you may be just a very, ahm, discerning user :wink:


This past Thursday, I visited the exhibition organized by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. The exhibition is titled “Pink Floyd - Their Mortal Remnants”.
I was impressed to see the instruments my heroes used in their everyday playing, recordings and touring. The famous Hiwatt 100 amp that I have in my Fender modeled amp and is my favorite one, the black Strat he used in the 70’s, the beautiful cherry red guitar from the 90’s with noiseless EMG pick-ups, etc. Oh, yes, his double lap steel, too.
I saw also Rick’s Hammond, Farfisa, smaller synths, some drums and Roger’s basses.
And there were pedals and pedalboards. All that David used was huge - one pedalboard measured not far from 100cm x 50cm. Buttons and pots were the only visible things, everything else was under the board. I believe it was built by Pete Cornish.
There were many other artifacts that belonged to the group and which Nick saved as a real archivist.
So many objects I admired without ever having a chance to see “close to my nose”. And then, they were there, just in front of me.

@Hulkko Coming back to your multi-effect pedal - I believe that you have presets that give a sound very close or equal to David’s but in a much smaller package, and even much more than just his effects.

So, enjoy my friend in your new “baby” and share sometimes your music. I was already very impressed with what you published on SoundCloud. Keep on jammin’.

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Well first I will say, I somewhat agree with you. Kontakt’s UI is pretty crappy. There are a ton of tiny icons that you either have to memorize or hover over to remember what they are at least until you use it all the time or enough that you can memorize all or most of them.
Having said that, Jamie is correct in that this really isn’t the forum for it. If you really want assistance, I suggest you look for a Native Instruments forum. But I would also suggest that maybe you soften your critiques a bit as well. Just like when people come into this forum and start slamming Scaler, your comments won’t endear yourself to many of the people that can actually help you sort things out.
I also fully disagree that all software should just be open it up and you rarely have to crack a manual. At some point, if you really want to know how to make the most of your tools, sometimes you’ll just have to spend some time working at it a bit. Or you’ll just end up using only tools that have simple straight forward GUIs. And maybe that’s OK, but you’ll probably be missing on some good tools as well. Your choice.
There are a probably a lot of reasons for Kontakt to have the UI it does. One of them is longevity. While I disagree with Jamie that popularity equates to it being a good UI, I also know that if NI was to completely throw away the GUI of Kontakt and start over, you would have A LOT of long-time users very angry. Because they know how to use it, know how to work it quickly and their workflow depends on it heavily. I worked for a software company making specialized software and was on the team that completely revamped it’s flagship product. We essentially started from scratch. And when it came out, users were PISSED OFF. Because they had to learn it all over again. So they are kind of dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. Do you want to discourage new users by making them read the manual? Or piss off all your user base by making them read the manual? :slight_smile:
I would also point out, Kontakt is doing a lot more than Sound Paint. Sound Paint is a decent tool. And it’s new and I suspect it will only get better. But it’s not doing everything Kontakt is doing, at least not right now.

The short version of this is, if you want to use it and like the sounds, you’re just going to have to deal with it and learn how to use it. Or don’t, and find something else. It’s pretty much that simple. :slight_smile:


Sorry, but I never said that. I said Kontakt has millions of users despite its problems. Everyone that uses Kontakt is aware of them, fonts being one of the most talked about. But it is one of the best tools in its class for what it does and anyone can develop libraries for it. Kontakt’s GUI is what it is but it isn’t that bad. From one of the Devs for them - they cannot address all issues without a complete rewrite of code mainly for wanting to be compatible with all the many, many libraries written for it. If the do update for the contemporary users it will probably be a new app.
It’s not that I don’t have issues but I don’t let them get in the way of me using it. I like making music too much.

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Sorry Jamie, I didn’t mean to put words in your mouth. I misinterpreted what you were saying as I tried to slog through all these posts. :slight_smile:
My apologies.

Hey, no worries. I think we’re on the same page. Everyone would love to see a new guy knock Kontakt down a few pegs but every developer that has created their own player has found it’s not easy to do. Especially given Kontakt longevity and proven track record. I used to hate all things Steinberg but now I am a committed Cubase user. Perfect DAW? Not really but it work super for film work and that’s what I like. I personally think Kontakt has come a long way but I started with version 3 I think.

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I’m a Cubase, well now Nuendo, user myself. I completely get it. I moved from Cakewalk/Sonar to Samplitude for a while (Samplitude was actually decent but it was very buggy and so I threw in the towel) and then Cubase. I go back to Cakewalk for DOS. :slight_smile: Even after about 4 years of Cubase/Nuendo and Wavelab I still sometimes I have to stop and think about what I’m doing rather than just doing it without thinking. But it’s the best tool for my work as well. And there is something to be said about using a known tool because when you ask a question, there are a lot more people to answer.
Kontakt is in that same spot really. I think more and more developers are moving on from Kontakt. But frankly they are not always better. The UI might be cleaner and more intuitive. But there is always something missing that one could do in Kontakt. And obviously like you said, there is just so much product out there for Kontakt, and it has to load all the old stuff. The only standalone player I kind of really like is Orchestral Tools but I don’t have that many of their libraries.
Anyway, I’ll let this poor horse die now.