Korg and other manufacturers are not receiving components for their pipelines

I wanted to buy the Korg NanoKontrol 2 for my Hammond plugin, and I ordered it 2 months ago, but I had to cancel today because it is no more available in Italy

The vendor says that “Korg is one of the many companies whose production chain does not receive components”

Quite a mess IMHO, and I’ll have to buy something else, likely more expensive :sob:

I have to select this

or this

No other place to order in EU? Maybe a COVID side effect affecting manufacturing. Still seems available some places here in th US.

Italian stores don’t have it, or they say they have, but when you go to the Cart you find they will deliver it 1-2 months after, maybe

From the UE or US, I bought something in the past, but shipping fees were often high, the possible return a nightmare and expensive, not mentioning the warranty that is often not valid

At the end I bought the AKAY Midimix from an Italian store (discopiù)

Hope that works for your Hammond. The pads should work with scaler so that would be nice.

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I almost never tried to bing hardware buttons to any DAW or plugin, but I hope it works above all with the Hammond because pushing bars without the mouse is faster and easier

BTW, what do you mean for pads?

@ClaudioPorcellana If your main intent with the controller is making organ bars interaction more haptic, you could use any controller with faders. One that works well for me and doesn’t cost a whole lot more than the Korg nano series is the Novation LaunchControl XL. The faders are really smooth, and you get 24 poti knobs with it too! I love it…


too late pal :grin:, I bought the AKAI Midimix this afternoon
anyway, they seem very similar to me: same number of sliders and pots

Interesting you go the Akai Minimix. When I was in the market for this type of controller, I watched some comparisons, and the Akai came across as too flimsy, moving around the table while moving multiple faders at once, and the faders reach were not as wide, and felt flimsy to the reviewers. I think the price point might be lower for the Akai vs the Launchcontrol XL. And I guess in your case it was a supply chain constrained decision. I hope it works for you. Let’s hear some rock coming out of your efforts! :slight_smile:

That’s not thrilling :cold_face:
well I hope I will be lucky with it
I can always use some glue on the bottom

BTW, Akai vs Launchcontrol XL: 98 € versus 150

Don’t you have 30 day return policies with vendors there?
Yes, you could use a glue gun to put rubbery pods on the bottom, I’ve seen guys do that.

on Amazon.it I see a long series of happy customers
maybe you tested a lemon, who knows

The first one you show up top has pads for playing as well as sliders.

I thought that’s the one you were getting. I see now you picked the 2nd one.

I meant rather gluing the whole thing to my wooden desktop

But now that I am rethinking to it, I’ll use some patafix strip, if needed

…then you have to take your whole desk on tour everytime you do a live show :rofl:

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Let us know how you go @ClaudioPorcellana, I agree with Bernd that the Launch range are very good. I have done music for them in the past and they have given me some gear which I have always been super impressed with, actually we also know the owners of Akai and they are a great mob too so can’t go wrong.
The shortage of components is very tough for all of us at the moment, there are many bits our studios are waiting for. Fortunately our new Neve desk arrived and it’s incredible - I look forward to showing it off in the next Scaler video I will make very soon.


That amount of gauges & lights is impressive!

My mother-in-law could be get crazy thinking to the amount of wasted power

Actually, she has 2 big refrigerators almost empty, but she literally freaks out for every lighted up led she sees around
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I might have an extra one for you… I have four of them and do no use them all now… i can sell it yo you and buy it in the future… Send me whatsapp at +34.619561011

thanks, but unfortunately I bought another controller, the AKAI MIdimix, thinking it was workable, but it wasn’t, at least for the VB3
I want just have fun with music, and any tech difficulty gives me the willies

@davide, it was a flop (andato in vacca, in Italian :grin:)
and the fruitless effort to tame it, gave away any willing to use any controller