Larger pad chord limit to switch key (via keyswitches or custom midi messages)

I have a rather custom piano improv workflow in FL studio

  1. Send notes to one of the 12 midi channels based on scale key selected
  2. Send them to BRSTO articulate plugin for nice piano roll note highlighting via custom text labels and key-switch handling (different keyswitch for every channel)
  3. Passthrough through scaler which uses B section chord bind to make chords and passes the melody notes unchanged
  4. Finally reach kontakt with piano VST

Switching a scale requires some clicking which is not a big deal but I was able to automate everything else and it’s annoying when I go to my old ideas I have to remember what key they are in and change scale in scaler UI, or to drag and drop chords from scaler and then record them back.

Basically what I want is pad view with 12 rather than current limit of 7 chord sets, then I could do “all minor triads” chordsets and such.

I understand this is different from what most users use but wanted to share for the long term strategy :slight_smile:, thanks for the great product

Hi @ash Welcome to the forum and thanks for feedback. I think you should be able to do what you are suggesting in the future.