"Last Chord Played" MIDI detect mode option - where only LAST detected chord gets entered - and previous notes discarded

I am competent theory and ear/wise in putting together chords but physically and muscle memory wise can’t play the chords instantly on demand as I’m a (jazz trained) guitarist primarily.
Instead what I tend to do is hunt for the notes on my keyboard until I like what I hear and then make the chord. Often this involves me just laying out the chord and holding down the notes in arpeggio fashion from bottom to top - while holding down the sustain button.

The current “record MIDI” feature is messy for this since I need to click the record button- then slowly make out the chord - and then the LAST chord detected and inserted by SCALER2 is usually the right one. But I then need to go delete all the chords and single notes that were played earlier.

I would like to be able to press the RECORD icon in “detect” mode - and have SCALER listen to all the notes played - ( fudged ) but also look for the point there is a silence at the end - indicating I’ve stopped “hunting” for the right notes and have settled on the final chord I want entered.