Last folder used memory to remove tedious navigate every time


Scaler 2.4

I store my Scaler states in the same Ableton folder as the current project, typically that project destination could last weeks before a different project folder location is created. Scaler does not remember the navigation to save state files to the folder. Scaler reverts to a standard file path which is about 6 folders away from the Ableton folder. Every state save I have to play the click 6 folders navigation game. It is a pain. Many other musical tool programs remember the last visited save location and offer that address as the first choice. I would like that last used save path feature to become part of Scaler.



Totally agree
I have tons of softwares in my PC and the only one that doesn’t remember the last folder used , or without an option to set a preferred folder, is Scaler

@Ed1 I hope the next GUI will have this
together with the option to D&D presets from one Scaler GUI to another

Thanks for feedback.

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As a temp workaround, and if you have MS Windows, I suggest saving the XML to the desktop (1 right click + 1 click), then dragging it to the proper folder, possibly using a shortcut under Bookmark (just 1 D&D; in the worst scenario you need 1 click more to open the Bookmark, then 1 D&D)

If you are on Windows 10, you can move them with one click by setting up a flow with Power Automate, a free download from Microsoft

I’m just working on a ‘no click’ version, which will monitor the default directory for any new state files, and then automate the copy.

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Ah sure, I forgot it
And it’s strange because I use every day since years its grandpa, Winautomation,

I use it to query all my dictionaries, and many other things, but the :coffee:

I used that in Winautomation until Macrium added the option to do a backup of any folder you want every minute, and Macrium is way more efficient in backup and super-easy to set

Actually, if you haven’t used Power Automate, then cut the learning curve and just set up a batch file

copy c:\users\fran_\scaler*.xml d:\destination
del c:\users\fran_\scaler*.xml

and leave the bat file on the desktop. Double click then does it

Macrium does that alone

here is the grandpa

It was a great surprise when I found it, so I was able to avoid the clumsy autohotkey