Latency with Launchpad Mini on Scaler 2 inside Logic Pro for iPad

I have encountered an issue that is one inside of Scaler 2 for iPad that I’d like to resolve.

I have a Launchpad Mini and was testing it out on my iPad Pro with Logic Pro. In its Scale Mode, the LP responds fine with the default Electric Piano instrument. I then loaded Scaler 2 as a MIDI FX plugin over the piano. Whe using the LP with Scaler, it’s not instantaneous like it was with my desktop version of Logic and Scaler. Instead, there seems to be some mode enabled in the iPad version that makes it so that when I press a pad on the LP, it plays 1/4 note, but even when I press another pad right away, that pad will not respond for the entirety of the 3/3 of the previous note. I have to wait for the previous one to end at 4/4 and then press another pad, which will do the same thing.

What is it that I need to change in the iPad version of Scaler so that the pad responses will be more immediate. By the way, I do have Scaler set to 4. PAD.