Left over bug - Scaler 2.2 won't start playing loop if no sound selected

This was an earlier bug and still seems to be there is 2.2.
My setup Ableton Live 10.1.30 iMac OS 10.13.6
If you have the internal instrument sound set to NONE in Scaler then Scaler won’t start playing the DAW loop sync when it is closed. It plays the loop fine if Scaler GUI is open but closed it just plays the first chord in the pattern. It is easy to recreate it.

Hi @jamieh, sorry for the late reply,
I have been testing and as long as you setup the MIDI routing correctly it is working fine.

Ableton 10.1.30
macOs 10.15.7

How do you replicate it step by step?
Could you please make sure the version is the 2.2.0 from inside the plugin?
Are you using the VST/VST3/AU version?
Is this Scaler2 or ScalerAudio2?


this is strange as I NEVER use its internal instruments, and it works fine

but, what do you exactly mean for “when it is closed”?

Ooops sorry now I see
well, I can add I have almost always the Scaler GUI closed…

anyway, I’ll do a test later, if somebody doesn’t reply earlier with a workaround

The work around is you have the internal sound set to something like felt piano and just mute the output.

OK, but the strange thing is that it seems happening to you only…

this evening I’ll try to understand if I am bewitched as well, and I’ll let you know

Of course my version is 2.2. There is no mistaking the GUI and of course it says in the Scaler about panel. I use VST2 only. VST3 does not transmit CC data and AU does not work for MIDI because of the AU spec.
To recreate: OPEN Scaler 2.2 VST2 on a track. Open an Instrument (Kontakt with instrument of choice) on 2nd track. Set 2nd track to receive MIDI from Scaler. Create a chord progression in C section and set to loop to DAW sync. Set Scaler internal sound to NONE. With Scaler GUI open press play on DAW > Scaler plays and loops chord pattern correctly. Close Scaler GUI. Press play on DAW. Scaler only plays the 1st chord in the pattern and loops on that. Open Scaler. Set internal sound to Felt Piano. Close Scaler GUI. Press play on DAW. Scaler now plays and loops chord pattern correctly.

the culprit is… Felt Piano! :laughing:
it doesn’t want to be neglected/fired

well I’ll try to follow your path and see

Hi @jamieh,

thanks for checking the version, I know that you are a frequent user :wink: sometimes it can happen on Mac that plugins are mixed between current user and system wide Library folder and after update we can be looking at the wrong version/place, it happened in the past and will happen to some user in the future too.

I have made some more tests with Scaler2 version 2.2.0 with the VST2 and the daw sync looping feature is working fine when activating the “Arm Recording” red button on the 2nd track, not the one where Scaler is, the one containing your destination synth that will receive MIDI from the track 1 (where Scaler is).

Also I have the plugin window setup like this:


Could you tell me if you close the Scaler UI or if you select another track and the UI got replaced by the other track soft synth that is present there.


@jamieh @luapmartin

in my system it works with the Scaler GUI closed, AND both track un-armed also!
very strange indeed compared to Jamieh situation

there is a difference from Luapmartin picture anyway: I always select IN on the plugin fed by Scaler
here is the picture

@claudioPorcellana Aren’t you on Windows though? My system is a Mac OS 10.13.6

I have it set for Multiple windows open usually but it makes no difference in the outcome.
Again for clarity -----

Scaler 2.2 >Load Chord Pattern in Section C >Set to sync and loop to DAW >Leave Scaler sound set to DEFAULT (Felt Piano or whatever) >Add Instrument to 2nd track > Set track to receive Scaler - MIDI from SCALER - Scaler - IN > Play DAW with Scaler GUI Open > Loops as expected > Close Scaler GUI > Play DAW > Loops as expected >Open Scaler GUI > Sent internal sound to NONE > Play DAW >Loops as expected >Close Scaler GUI > Play DAW > Plays first chord in Pattern then stops.

Window beats Mac three-nil

I understand the issue, do you mind telling us a bit about your audio configuration inside Ableton: sample rate and buffer size, please.
Also anything that is non-default configuration that you might think of for instance we would be interested in knowing the tempo of your project and the chord duration setup you have inside your Scaler session, those values would be useful for us to replicate your exact scenario.

Thanks for your collaboration,

I will do this as soon as I get a moment. I did a long test of this prior to the 2.2 update when there were a few more issues as listed all the steps taken in an earlier thread under the bugs reports. Most of those seem to have been quashed. This is one of the last. I also haven’t done this test outside of Ableton since I haven’t used my other DAWs in awhile but I’ll test in a couple of those as well.
[addendum: does not happen in Cubase 11.]

Sample rate is usually 48k, buffer is 512. Tempos are usually 90-120 bpm. Duration 4 or 8.

Tengo también Ableton 10.1.3 pero en Windows 10
Sin ese problema.
Además, es indiferente poner el instrumento interno en Felt Piano o en OFF
Encamino Scaler hacia el instrumento VST y silencio Scaler

@luapmartin Paul, I’ve been trialing both Cubase and Nuendo and the looping bug doesn’t seem to affect Scaler when running in either of them. I just created a new Scaler session in all 3 with the same setup (Live, Cubase and Nuendo) with 3 Scalers and 4 Kontakt instruments and in Ableton Scalers won’t loop unless there is a sound selected in Scaler. If the sound is set to none - no looping. Nuendo and Cubase loop either way.