"legato" feature for scaler with expressions (melodys, bass)

When a chord progression is played using a ‘performance’ like melody in Scaler 2.2, as the next chord is played the melody starts over. is there a way to have it play “legato” similar to how Ableton live uses “legato” mode in its midi clips? I want a melody phrase to play all the way through as the chord progression plays, I don’t want the melody phrase to start over each time a new chord is activated. I hope this makes sense? If there was a switch for this feature it would be a time saver.

Thank you!

Hi @donnyflo

This is achievable through the group feature.

Group multiple chords together and you can change the retrigger mode for each group.

You can access the Edit panel from the Section C or the the quick nav to use the group function.

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