Let me tickle green keys ceaseless

I suspect this was asked already but I cannot find the thread

just now after having composed a nice tune in the EL&P style I am trying to do the guitar solo using the magical-green-keys that, together with chords muted, lets me play notes that are always correct in the keyboard texture but there is a problem

when the chord changes and I am still pushing one green key, the sound stops abrubtly
that is a mess as a guitar solo has long notes, possibly further extended through the pitch reel or some effect, that can go over the end of a musical part

there is a chance this issues can be fixed in the next release?

it could be a big improvement for poor guitarists like me, that love doing soloes as Carlos Eduardo Arellano ones…

well, this is unlikely I can do that with Scaler, but 1/100 of his skills are good enough to me

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Good idea, I think? A “legato” mode for melody creation… I’m still new to the program and don’t know if there’s a way to, perhaps, use another instance of Scaler 2 for melody only. I’ll keep this in mind and see if I’m able to come up with a solution or ideas about this.

Right off the top of my head, I’d suggest getting the pitches right and then going back into your MIDI editor to adjust note duration.

sure but I hate loosing time with editing :grinning:
I’am not a professional and I compose for fun and relax
editing isn’t

@1stInversion Yes you can use another instance of Scaler for melody. I use multiple Scalers all the time. One for rhythm, one for held chords, etc.

interesting, but what’s the advantage compared to using one instance only with the same scaler series of chords for different compositions?

I used this workflow just tonight to compose the 3 parts (guitar, pipe organ and synth) each one with a different expression of a prog tune

How would you have one Scaler doing held chords with no expressions and also expressions playing rhythms or phrases to multiple synths? And then a lead line that overlaps the pattern change notes? At the same time. The advantage is you can have different things going on that one Scaler can’t do.

I recorded the 3 parts (chords + notes) into Scaler using the line C on the bottom, then dragged all the 3 in different lanes, with different instruments in Ableton

Yeah, that’s one way and I’ve done that too. But having a couple or 3 Scalers running live I’m free to make changes and sync the Scalers until I get something I’m happy with before committing to MIDI files.
Of course MIDI files are the best way to make velocity and subtle timing /voicing changes for the finish.
Until Scaler 3 comes around! :grinning:

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do you mean 3 identical copies?
i.e. you find a suitable series of chord in one Scaler instance, then duplicate it X times, then you work in each?
or the X instances are connnected in some way?

Both. My usual way of working is to get the chords in an order I like and have it loop to the DAW. If I want to play chords manually till I get something right but still want a rhythm or expression on one and just the block chords on another then I make a MIDI yoke that lets e play both or all 3 at the same time.

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I’ll try ythat