Let Scaler Smart

We use C G Am Em F C F G as an example.
In practical applications, in order to listen better
G will become G/B
Em becomes Em/G
C will become C/E
F will become Dm
The purpose is to make the bass more comfortable, so can Scaler design a function to make the chord bass automatically become comfortable after clicking it, and generate it with one button.

Also, sometimes you need the feeling of off-tune, and change the chord to 251, then can it be automatic?

There are many similar examples. In actual chord applications, many chords are changed in order to create emotions.
Therefore, is it possible to put emotion buttons in suggest? Such as happy, sad, dreamy, classic, trendy. Then a better suggestion will be given.
At present, in many cases, the chords I found in SCALER are not the same in reality.
Just like the example I mentioned at the beginning of the article, it has changed for the sake of good bass.
Another example is F G Em Am, the reality is a lot of Fmaj7 G7 Em7 Am

Maybe Scaler has already been implemented, but I don’t know.