Let the EXE open in DAW

I remember it being discussed here before.
For example, there is a software without VST. But there is an EXE.
Then I want this EXE to open in STUDIO ONE. And when I play STUDIO ONE, it plays, too.

Is there such software?

I’m a Mac user with some PC experience. EXE means this program is for a Windows environment, when clicked on will open. Most likely the software with no vst is a stand alone application. The various DAWs use , VST, AU, VST2,3. AAX etc.

I’m not sure I get this … are you talking about a stand alone version of Scaler ?

Even if there was one, an EXE wouldn’t open in another program, and that’s not under any control of the Scale folk. I can’t think of any examples of software where you can load / open an exe within an EXE.

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I was actually asking about the BIAB standalone version.
I want to use the BIAB standalone version in STUDIO ONE.
Because BIAB VST often causes my STUDIO ONE to crash.

Are that explains my confusion, as I thought you were talking about Scaler - you didn’t mention BIAB.

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Yes. Because I don’t think BIAB is the right word here.
So I said it was an EXE program.

maybe post this question on the band-in-a-box forum?

I’m not just limited to BIAB.EXE
I am asking if DAW can open music EXE software through a plugin.

generally speaking - no. as far as i’m aware no DAW directly opens an EXE in their own process. now there are several protocols (ARA for e.g.) which allows communications between processes (and one of the processes being the DAW and the other could be launched as a separate process - e.g. Melodyne). most DAW run the plugins within their process (might be on a “safety thread” to partially isolated) and these a re DX, VST, AAX etc API based plugins which must provide their own logic and UI etc.)
now, could a plugin launch an EXE? possibly, but it will be in its own process. and depending on the “sandbox” a DAW uses, communication between that plugin and the EXE it launched could be restricted, and if the AV software uses heuristics to detect anomalous behavior, it may be blocked there as well.

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