Let voicing settins ive made alive after editing chord!

after editing a chord the inversin and octave settings are always resetted to the dafault value. grrrr. please switch that off. :slight_smile: or give me the option to do so … i always have to redo the settings after trying a different color in the chord … ans thats a lotlotlotlotlot of times.

Do you mean in Chord Edit mode? What inversion setting is resetting? The one in EDIT mode? You are hitting apply in Chord edit mode I take it? We’ve got some major improvements in how this all works inbound. Please explain clearly in case you are reporting something that need to be fixed.

i mean - when you have a pattern with different chords. then you are in edit mode and have added some inversions to some chords and some you wanna bring up an octave. - then you wanna try a 6 instead a 7 an go to edit chord. - after apply, all changes you’ve made to that chord (octave, inversion) are deleted … and you can add the whole stuff again … and again and again … :wink:

thats why i meant it would be great to be able to edit the chords without that edit-chord-page. best would be. edit the chords on the fly … (make a little edit-button to the chord-icon) and when pressed you can add or delete notes in the keyboard-window on top of the page. - the keyboard is always there and shows the notes you play. why not use for quick edit?) :wink: