License File? Where is it?

I have installed the Demo version and it appears in my DAW. Unfortunately I cannot find the license file?? Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Go to your Plugin Boutique account and look for Scaler 2 under your Downloads. The license file is there. Download it and follow instructions.

Hi Jamieh. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I have gone to my account and into downloads but Scaler 2 does not appear only a purchase I made some time ago. Do I need to perhaps restart my computer to refresh?

Did you just purchase it? How did you download it if not from the account?

I downloaded the Trial Version. It appears in Cubase 12 Elements as a VST instrument then the registration page comes up but when I look at my account its not shown so at a loss as to how I can get a license…What can you suggest?

If you just downloaded the trial then you need to buy the license from Plugin Boutique. You can then download the license and authorize the Trial. I don’t know if there is a Black Friday sale or not. Check the price on the main page. You can trial it with full function I believe with a white noise every so often.

Thanks Jamieh but that defeats the object of having a trial? Or will the purchase be £zero until trial ends? Sorry to be a pain. Regards, Peter

I’m not sure I understand. Scaler stays in trial mode until it’s licensed. It will function exactly as the licensed version except for a burst of white noise periodically. So try it out. Have fun with it. What DAW and OS are you running?

I am using Cubase Elements 12 Windows 10. As I say its loaded ok in cubase but keeps requesting that I Register.

Hmmm. It’s been a long time since I’ve run it as a trial. Can you dismiss the registration and continue working? Maybe @davide or @Tristan can chime in here and shed some light on this. I just remember trying it out and liking it so much I bought it fairly quickly but it seems like it was at least a couple weeks of working with it before I bought the license.

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Will give a try and get back to you.

Sorted thank you. When I opened it requsted registration but at bottom I closed and it is working fine apart from every now and then the reg screen appears again. Thanks for taking the time. You have made an aging muso happy!! Regards Peter

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Enjoy Scaler and have fun. May you relish it as much as I.

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