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I have just upgraded to v2. But what happened with the Light theme? I am a person with serious sight problems and all the dark themes are useless for people like me. Additionally all time I run the Scaler2 I must set the size of plugin and font from scratch… Have I missed something?

Under- Settings- Preferences there is View size - Custom- which You can set as default

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Indeed, we don’t have the old light mode (but we will introducer lighter skins as we go) but we have better customisation. @dazarz try playing with settings/preferences. See attached.

Thank you. I have already found the settings area but it could be better to add one light theme with increased contrast. Unfortunately, using the SaviHost I am not able to remember my settings. It always starts as factory set.

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I can’t believe how selfishly media production developers have been approaching those of us with poor eyesight.

This platform is SUPPOSED to be about providing “Access to Expression”. However, in aide of “aesthetics” our physical limitation are being COMPLETELY negated for no other reason, other than “WHAT?!” looking pretty?

I apologize for conveying this so brashly. However, you men/women/other do NOT know how we feel. It’s like contacting tech. support and being routed to nations which cannot speak our language, if we even get a human at all. It’a a running joke now… everyone understands the impact of outsourcing…

…But what if YOU were one of the first 100 people with these problems, and no one cared, and you had to bottle up YOUR feelings, and concerns, because you cannot express them musically, because YOU were being EXCLUDED due to “aesthetics”…

…If there were no way to fix it would be one thing… but you can’t give us ONE “White Backgroud” with "Black letters, and invert the color scheme or something? WE DON"T CARE about “Pretty”. You don’t have to give us a “Pretty” Contingency-Plan. But please… Give us access. Let us see, so that we too can participate </3


Hi @sekrit

I understand your frustration but we have to prioritize features in a way that cannot accommodate everyone.

Nobody is excluded “due to aesthetics” and Scaler already allows some level of customization of the interface. We will try our best to integrate more and more so you can get a complete light skin.

To be completely honest, we tried to make it happen in 2.5 but it represents a pretty big task so you will have to be patient.

In the meantime, you don’t have to read anything, just click on the boxes, it all sounds amazing :wink:

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Mmmm this is indeed a problem

I read recently an article on Nature that explained what colour palettes are better for people that see differently, albinos for example
I think, and hope, that devs will be able to implement this information in the future

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Thank you so very kindly for pausing to contribute to this discussion @ClaudioPorcellana. I am very new to music and this entire landscape. Therefore, being able to have tools to aid me both throughout the learning process, and to convey my musical ideas in the meantime would mean a tremendous deal to me. And, I cannot imagine the countless others, as communication & expressive tools expand to the point that more people find tools such as scaler with grand aspirations & hope for evolving themselves, only to be met with an obstacle of vision impairment within the scope of perceptible color/tint vision.

So, thank you for pausing to speak up on this matter. Every single person, every voice which pauses to contribute to render “access” to us, is a voice for which we are truly appreciative.

Please, enjoy your evening (or most aptly definable portion of the day), and enjoy a wonderful holiday season.

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@sekrit You don’t mention which OS you use but here is something for the Mac that may have a Windows equivalent - I have an app called Zoom it that can be activated to show a magnifying Loupe wherever the curser is. Clicking still works normal even when it’s on. I’m sure Scaler will be able to get better for you in time. Cheers.

Windows Accessibility / Magnifier
It is an option that is equivalent to the Zoom in that Jamieh named for Mac
Hopefully one of the two helps you Sekrit

Windows Accessibility / Magnifier

I don’t think it is just the “font size” but also the "colour " of the fonts and background
read the Nature article and you’ll understand the issues involved

And about the Zoom feature, I tested the Windows one, and I can say it is very basic and awkward so unsuitable for sight issues

For example, you can only have 2x or 3x, and not 1,5x or 1,3x that would be way more useful
And because you can have ANY kind of enlargement in e.g Photoshop, there is no reason you cannot do the same in your OS

This is why specialized Zoom features are developed for people with problems, but I tested many of them and didn’t just work

Anyway, a system to enlarge GUI fonts just clicking CTRL and “+” or “-”, as many of my softwares have, EVEN free tools, could be very welcome for many, me included BTW

I’m always using the native zoom function on the Mac. Specifically control and scroll in or out on my mouse / trackpad Change Zoom preferences for accessibility on Mac – Apple Support (AU) - works a treat
My eyes are shot, particularly from using Scaler all the time!

I’m not sure where tihs restriction arises. Magnify.exe in Windows/System32 allows variable magnification controlled by the scroll wheel on the mouse. [CTRL+ALT and wheel) so you can zoom in with infinite variability very easily. I’ve been using it trying to produce my first vid for the board, to zoom in to Live settings.

As an aside, software is often counterintuitive; requests which seem simple (“just change it to light grey” can be quite complex and time consuming, whilst other things which appear to be difficult may in fact be quite simple. I’m not dismissing the need as I empathise; have some loss of vision in one eye, and sometimes squinting at the Scaler screen gets a bit tedious.

Doesn’t sound like you’re using the zoom feature correctly. In any event - I’ve learned with software since I started using it in 1993 is this - if it doesn’t work for me now, how can I make it work for me until it’s changed? There are always work arounds. Zoom it was cool and I still use it but on Mac I can just double tap on my mouse (not click, tap) and it will zoom way in. Then double tap again and back out. So I use that when I want a quick look. Rewriting software colors is not usually a quick job but I’m sure we they will try and get there. Just trying to help.

Or I am just using a Windows based PC…
I re-tested the Windows 8.1 lens just now and quickly reminded why I killed it

What, you don’t like pixel art? :wink:

I don’t know pixel art
My eyes certainly don’t like pixel hunting

Pixel art - Wikipedia