Live MIDI input mode instead of recording some

Maybe this already works somehow, but I often change chords outside scaler and have a pretty hard time to get those back into scaler. These raw chords can be easily recorded but it currently ignores rythm and timing and note length. With pretty groovy chord progression nearly impossible recreate stuff in scaler. For just trying a few things out this workflow is very time consuming.

So what i have in mind is a “live MIDI mode” which acts like record mode and instantly interprets incoming midi as programmed “endless” pattern. From where we can make use of lovely performances.

Hey @s-a

I’m curious about your suggestion and trying to better understand what you are trying to do. I think Scaler might already do at least some of it.

Do you have Chords Only disabled in settings? If you do, you should be able to freehand any key combination and Scaler will apply current performance settings (rhythm, timing, etc). I’m not sure if this is what you are thinking about, but I do it all the time…it is the main way I use Scaler. You can play Scaler’s performances with no chords bound whatsoever, combine bound and freehand chords or augment bound chords if your timing is pretty good.

Understanding how Scaler does quantization is helpful and there are some other idiosyncrasies to work through with different modes and even instrument types responding better than others. However, there is a lot of flexibility in how Scaler applies its performance data that I believe goes untapped. There are a number of Play Quantize threads on the board that might help.

Let me know if this is in line what you are trying to do. I don’t think people explore the freehand performance side of Scaler all that much, so I’m always interested in those that do.

Thanks for these details! will try this out this weekend. it might be exactly what I need!

I haven’t figured out how to play “Play Quantize”. used? the only thing is when I put a cross in it so the chord comes with a delay i.e. there is a latency.

Hey Hukko

As long as your keyboard latency is reasonable, the delay you are hearing is the time between your keypress and the beat that Scaler is synching to. That delay is related to the Chord Duration setting shown above. The bigger the number the longer the potential delay. (randomness will dictate the actual delay based on the chord duration) Duplicate exactly the settings above and you will get just a tiny delay (1/2 beat) that you can then adjust your play. It takes a little initial practice, but eventually it becomes very natural. Search for my posts on Play Quantize for a little more detail.

@TMacD It is as simple as that :speak_no_evil:. Thanks again for help.

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