Live Sync between instances of Scaler

Scaler 2 has the ability to sync between multiple instances, but not on a real-time basis. If one goes into the session menu and selects Sync, the current settings of Scaler can be propagated to other instances. But that propagation happens on a one-off basis. If changes are made in one instance of Scaler, you have to repeat the sync operation for them to be generalised - it does not occur automatically.

Imagine that in the sync window there was an additional option for continuous live sync. With that selected, changes made in any instance of Scaler would automatically also be made in others.

Why would this be helpful? Imagine that you are using the keys-lock functionality so that midi input to a number of tracks in your DAW is automatically mapped to the key/chord you have selected in scaler. With live sync, you could make a change in any instance and not have to repeat the sync operation.


Huge plus one to this. Syncing is something I do all the time. It currently takes like 3-5 mouse clicks, which is RSI inducing after a while.

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