Live Sync between instances of Scaler

Scaler 2 has the ability to sync between multiple instances, but not on a real-time basis. If one goes into the session menu and selects Sync, the current settings of Scaler can be propagated to other instances. But that propagation happens on a one-off basis. If changes are made in one instance of Scaler, you have to repeat the sync operation for them to be generalised - it does not occur automatically.

Imagine that in the sync window there was an additional option for continuous live sync. With that selected, changes made in any instance of Scaler would automatically also be made in others.

Why would this be helpful? Imagine that you are using the keys-lock functionality so that midi input to a number of tracks in your DAW is automatically mapped to the key/chord you have selected in scaler. With live sync, you could make a change in any instance and not have to repeat the sync operation.


Huge plus one to this. Syncing is something I do all the time. It currently takes like 3-5 mouse clicks, which is RSI inducing after a while.

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I love the Live Sync but it can be tricky and I’m not sure what the best workflow is.

I start with the Scaler Leader and add followers. My leader players basic chords and patterns, the followers are for Performances. Where is gets tricky is where I make a change in a Follower instance of Scaler which somehow breaks the Live Sync Link. I get a message saying “live sync has stopped.”

I then go back and re-sync, but have to click “stop” and then start again.

I don’t know what breaks the link? It seems if I change some settings in the follower instances the link to the leader is broken. Why is that happening? I must be making some change in the Follower that breaks the link?

I have been able to Stop and re-start the live sync.

I’ve been able to swap Leaders and Followers. Turning what was a Follower into the Leader. It’s a little tricky but it works.

Live sync is a big time saver. But, what am I doing to make an instance drop live sync?

Any workflow suggestions on this would be welcomed.

Hi @1stInversion the Live Sync feature works for chords in section C, so if you make any changes to the chords in section C of your follower the live sync will be broken. This includes timing and inversions in the Edit tab of section C. You should still be free to make any adjustments you like to the performance groups.

The idea behind this is that you set your chord structure of your music with the Leader and if you want to revise the chords of your song you are able to do so just by changing the Leader chords and this will affect the chords of all other following Scalers in your project.

If you are wanting to change the chords in your Follower independent to your Leader, you would be better off just not using live sync in the first place, as changing the chords in your Followers kind of defeats the purpose of the Live Sync feature.

Hope this helps clarify things for you.

Oh and just to clarify further, Live Sync only syncs from the Leader to the Follower, not the other way around. So you can’t change chords in a Follower and expect that to change the Leader or other Followers. Think of the Leader as the host.



Thanks for the detailed reply. Yes, I see now I was breaking live sync by making changes in a Follower instance. I see there are times when it is fine to let an instance split off and go it alone, so to speak, or it can simply be synced again. I’m sure I’ll adapt to the workflows Live Sync provides. Live Sync is huge time server and makes working with multiple instances of Scaler much easier and less stressful.

I have been experimenting with different types (scaler leader / follower sync, multiple instances scaler time synched, and then all synched to Live with MTC at once) of sync in the context of MVO/ divisi type activities and managed to get something ( I think?) you were talking about functioning. If my post at

I can provide you with more details if you wish.

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A big thank you to the scaler team for implementing this!!

A useful option for Live Sync would be an option to only follow the chords and their timings. That way you could change octaves and inversions of followers without breaking the sync.