Live Sync, Sequencers, & Loopy Pro - QQ

Hi all, I’ve got a quick question which may lead to a longer one. I’m trying to live sync several instances of Scaler 2’s plugin inside Loopy Pro, but I’m finding the sync spotty. More frequently than not, the sync will work for a while, then stop. The Leader S2 will tell me there are 0 other instances of Scaler open, even if I’ve got one or two other Follower instances I’ve already been syncing.

I may have isolated my error: Stupidly, I think I tried to make adjustments to the chord progression in an S2 Follower’s Sequence page - changing chord inversions and octaves, for example - thus “breaking” the sync between the Leader and the Follower(s).

Here’s my question: Once you break a live sync, can you get it back? Inside Loopy Pro, when this happens, I’ll stop the sync on the Leader, and then try to restart it, but it always shows me there are 0 other instances of Scaler open, even if there are two or three total. Even if I delete the entire chord progression from the “offending” Follower and then try to restart the sync, it’ll still tell me there are no other instances running.

Is this normal behavior? Is there any way to get a live sync back once it’s been broken? Or is the behavior I’m experiencing particular to the Scaler 2-Loopy Pro combination?

I’m answering my own question for future queriers: It indeed WAS my stupid mistake. I was breaking the Scaler 2 live sync by mistakenly making changes in the Sequence page on Follower instances. In live sync, you can ONLY make changes in the chords (e.g., changing inversions, octaves, etc.) in the Leader instance. In Followers, you can make performance changes. My bad!

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And here’s the second dumb mistake I was making, for people in the future (and other followers of Plan 9 From Outer Space): The reason I was showing 0 other instances of Scaler running in Loopy Pro is I had somehow managed to turn those instances. There’s an On-Off button on the upper right of the plug-in. Make sure it’s on!!