Live syncing Scaler in Mixcraft 10 Pro Studio

I’m having problems syncing two Scalers in my DAW. I’ve followed David’s how to video which seems straightforward enough, however the results I’m getting is that both the Scalers sync normally as leader and follower and chord changes, voicings, playback timings and playback performances in the leader are reflected in the follower,
The problem is when I play the chords in the leader there is no response in the follower

As you can see the chord is playing in the leader on track 1 but nothing on track 2. Before I contact Mixcraft I wondered if there is something I’ve done wrong.

Looks great on my end @regbower - Scaler looks to be doing what it needs to do but somehow Mixcraft not activating / arming that channel. Looks like it’s greyed out in the background.
Any Mixcraft users here that can chime in?