Lock Current Progressions (Section C) Voice Grouping Temporarily - Independent of All Other Chord Sections in Scaler

Just had a feature request while working on chord progressions in Scaler the last few days. It would be a great add if I could have an option to toggle lock the voicing of the current progression (in Section C) temporarily so that it isn’t affected by the voice grouping settings at the top even when that mode changes. This would allow us to use all the modes at the top to audition new chords throughout the different scaler windows with different voicings, while keeping our custom progression in Section C (exclusively) in tact. So in theory, it would be great if all other sections of scaler still kept the current behavior and took on what “voice grouping” you have set.

The idea here is I like to play thru the chords in my progression in Section C exactly as i’ve set them up to be voiced, while auditioning other chords with the “voice grouping” set to say “extracted” to audition what chord I might want to insert in my progression in that particular voicing. Currently, every chord in my current progression (in Section C of the main window) also takes on the extracted voicing temporarily when i’m in “extracted” mode which is fine, but a little flexibility there would be a dream instead of some of the more cumbersome workarounds.

Yes I agree that is a good idea. Obviously there is infinite flexibility with having multiple instances open and I like your idea question is where would the lock symbol go without further cluttering the UI? Maybe a right click on the bind button turns it into a lock symbol? Would it apply to all patterns? Will discuss with the team.

I really like your idea to just have it available as a right click option on the already existing bind button so the UI isn’t changed/cluttered. I like the idea of changing the bind button into a tiny lock (as that would be most clear for newer users. You could also change from the default green light to say a red light, so you can still see the blinking of the active pattern (red just meaning its voice-locked).

With regard to patterns it would affect, I think ideally it would be great if it the voice grouping lock could be applied to any one pattern with the option to toggle the lock on for multiple patterns if you want to. An example use case would be like in the attached image where i’m in pattern mode and want to lock patterns 1 and 2 while any unlocked patterns would still be changed by the global voice group setting so I could try out different voicings on those unlocked patterns exclusively.

If you allowed more than one pattern to be “voice locked” at the same time you could also set “Ctrl+ Right Click” (for example) as a shortcut to quickly unlock all patterns at once instead of having to unlock them one at a time when your done. Or you could just have the voice-locking on any pattern(s) automatically turn off whenever the global “voice grouping” setting at the top is deactivated (since in theory you wouldn’t need the pattern voice locks on anymore once the voice grouping feature is disabled.).

Nice job great feedback thanks. We will discuss all of this internally.

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