Locrian mode Chord progression

With the help of SCALER, I now learn a lot of common chord progressions under major and minor.
But in other modes, I don’t understand.
Such as Locrian mode Chord progression.
Where did this knowledge come from?

Can anyone tell me a few Locrian mode Chord progression?

It arises from the harmonisation of triads on a diatonic major scale on the 7th degree.

It’s not exactly a scale that you would want to listen to for too long. You can read the basics in Wikipedia

If you are a guitarist there is a reasonable introduction at

You can also see Danny explaining a locrian sequence at

and a backing track at

which shows the chords of such a progression.

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It can easily fix your sleeplessness issues

or give you nightmares, if you do fall a sleep :laughing:

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Or, equally effectively, I could listen to rap, D+B, or (heaven forbid ) folk. :smiley:

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I like this scale. Cool progressions.

Yes, I can say it sounds well with many instruments and styles