Logic 10.7.3 on M1 Mini — no polyphony

I just updated to Logic 10.7.3 and Scaler is no longer working properly as a MIDI plugin. I only get the root note when I trigger chords.

I’ve tried this in both native and Rosetta modes. I am using Scaler Control 2.5.0 (latest). I’m on Monterey 12.3. It works as a VST, but not as a Midi plugin. I worked on the previous version of Logic. I’ve attempted to use it as a plugin triggering numerous instruments to check it’s the plugin and not the instrument. I’m getting the same issue every time.

A couple of us have noted in another thread that disabling Midi 2.0 fixes this.

Try turning MIDI 2.0 off. As per this thread No Midi passing through Scaler 2 MidiFX plugin in Logic 10.7 on Monterey - #39 by Slacks