Logic 10.7.5 update

Logic 10.7.5 was released today. Just a maintenance update but with some useful features. Like:

  • Ableton Link is now available.
  • Logic can now record the MIDI output from MIDI FX plugins directly to a track. That includes Scaler! So not necessary to capture the MIDI in Scaler first.
    Plus a few more great improvements.

Hopefully this fixes the note hang issue!

In the release notes there was a VERY long list of fixes. Let’s hope that issue is fixed!

Logic 10.7.5 yesterday, ShaperBox3 the other day, and Scaler 2.7 tomorrow. It’s like Christmas has come early! :slight_smile:

I was very excited for Ableton link, but alas I can’t seem get it to play nicely with Logic & Ableton on the same machine (there’s always a lag in Logic, and the length of that lag varies), but at least I can console myself with the new Scaler!