Logic and Scaler 2 - won’t record when using pattern playback

I have scalercontrol 2 on a track along with an instrument and if I play a key on my midi keyboard, it will play the expected chord. But if I try to record as it plays my pattern through the instrument (no key presses), nothing records, but I can hear the chords. When this is going on, if I tap a key, the specific key will register and be recorded.

I am on an intel Mac running the latest version of MacOS.

Hey Jamison;

I’m sure someone using Logic/Mac will chime in, but in the mean time, maybe this Studio One/Win description helps.

The issue might be how you have your track inputs and outputs configured. In Studio One I have a couple options but the net seems to be having Scaler (B) as your Input instrument and None (A) as your output instrument (turning monitoring off accomplishes the same thing [C]) I suspect there are probably multiple ways to skin this [fill in your preferred, non-offensive noun wrapped in an epidermal layer]

This midi was recorded as I pressed play in Scaler. I know this is a Studio One UI, but hopefully it helps you or others

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Thanks- I am pretty sure this problem is exclusive to Logic (and the Audio Units format’s inability to route midi, apparently) as I also have Studio One (but have a hell of a time with routing in that one as far as tracks, channels, etc.) and can get scaler to work without issue. Every other DAW is a simple MIDI out to MIDI on the respective tracks.

I read

As in when in DAW sync mode? This is normal behaviour in that the DAW is triggering scaler to start. If you want to record the actual notes you can either play them in (right click the play button to deactivate DAW sync) or just MIDI CAPTURE the pattern playback and drag the notes to your DAW.

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Thank you. I am aware of those two methods, however, I was trying to get what you describe - as scaler plays the pattern (either in DAW sync or just from me starting it) and it records, preferable all notes being played, not just the single notes.

is there no usable/visible/capturable (midi) data from scalercontrol to the instrument within the channel? And why doesn’t logic record the output when scaler is “playing” the instrument either inside scaler or when used as a midi fx. Iyou can see it in working in the track in the track and the sound is there, but it just won’t record. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

I am not intimating that is is an issue with Scaler, I am just trying to understand why it (and likely other plugins of this type) doesn’t work like I would expect it. Is it simply a limitation of AU? if so, what is the deal, Apple?

thanks for your indulgence.

Hey Jamison…good luck on this. Sorry I can’t lend a hand on your setup.

As for Studio One… Thanks to this thread I spent several hours today messing around with this topic. Initially I thought it was more straight forward than it was, but since I don’t try to accompany Scaler in real time, I never really tried it in a serious way.

I did learn a few things that made a big difference so if you dig into Studio One on this topic, let me know and I’ll write up what I learned.


Not sure if I am understanding correctly but you want to record the MIDI FX output? Here’s how in Logic:

Yes, I am aware of that method. Thank you. I just think it’s ridiculous that it takes such a convoluted method to achieve something so easily done with other DAWs on MacOS. It’s not a Scaler thing, I just asked here because this group is so helpful. Thanks for the info.