Logic Pro crash and Alchemy tuning issue

Mac OS 12.2.1, Logic Pro 10.7.2, Scaler 2.5, MacBook Air 2020 M1

Scaler keeps crashing Logic. Changing an instrument that has Scaler in Midi crashes it, editing a chord crashes it, …
Also, the chords are changing keys randomly. It’s a 3 chord progression, the midi notes triggers the Scaler chord. Randomly playing it back will change the whole progression to another key.

On another track, the chords are completely over the place and there is a constant hissing sound unless i turn off Scaler. Some kind of midi interference.

It’s not really usable anymore unfortunately.

Any help is welcome.

Are you running Logic under Rosetta? If not, try that.
Try turning off OpenGL —

  • Press CMD+Space to open the Spotlight Search and type “ ScalerSettings
  • Go to the Help page and click “Turn OFF OpenGL”:

Could you take a screen shot of this before and after. Are you using DAW sync?
If you are hearing hissing it sounds like you might not be registered. Click on the Logo in the upper left and the click on registration to see if it shows it is registered.
You say it’s not usable anymore. Was it usable when you first installed it? What changed in your set up?

Do you have MIDI feeding back into Scaler from somewhere other then your keyboard?

Thank you Jamie for the help.
This morning everything is working fine… I had restarted the computer, and even reinstalled everything, yesterday to no avail. But it seems that shutting down the computer might have done the trick.

So far turning off OpenGL doesn’t seem to make a difference but i’ll try that if it happens again.

Scaler is registered. It’s not really a hissing it’s more midi notes feeding Alchemy in a crazy way, and not stopping even if the Logic is stopped. And I guess the Alchemy sound i was using made it very hissing. But what happened as well, and on a previous song, is that midi notes are being played before they should (for instance, intro of the song has no midi but starts at bar 5, sounds would play in the intro)

There was no keyboard plugged at the time of those issues.

It really seems that something was messing up the midi feed but i have no clue what. Right now all seems to be working fine, i will see with the next song. I’ll finish this one with Scaler as an audio unit and dragging the midi on the correct tracks. This worked well.

There’s still the fact that sometimes Scaler won’t play any sound until we play the instrument with a keyboard, but this happened with the previous version already. And that it crashes. So, i think something there is not really stable, Scaler or Logic but the two of them together for sure are not 100% friends.

I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you

the issue is back.
As you can see on the screenshot, the instrument is playing (see the audio level) even know it shouldn’t. Switching off Scaler stops it. So Scaler is feeding random notes for no reason.

I can’t really tell what is happening in this screen shot at all but it looks like you have a MIDI file feeding a track that has Scaler on it which means its triggering itself.

That’s exactly what it is, which is one of the correct was to use Scaler as we can see here at 9min:

The notes are triggering the C bound chords.

It works very well after restarting the computer so something somewhere at some point is making some interferences.

Yes- Bind keys in C I understand. There are 2 tracks labeled “Psychic Projection Lead”. I assume the MIDI files that say “The Won” are the recorded keyboard notes triggering the bound keys. The track below is label the same but looks to have performance data from Scaler recorded as MIDI. Could that be feeding back into the same Scaler? What do you have the Scaler MIDI input set to receive from?
Logic Scaler

thank you.

No the purple track doesn’t have any scaler (it’s actually midi exported from Scaler)

The faulty track has single note midi to trigger the chords and goes to the midi scaler

I’ve been playing with it for a couple of hours, so the issue is back. For example, if i turned on the plugin in midi, there is audio playing straight away (you can see the audio levels), even though the DAW is on Stop. It’s just playing as soon as i turn on the Midi Scaler, and off when i turn it off. It’s like something is stuck feeding midi.

from what i’ve read logic 10.7.2 has issues with all 3rd party midi plugins.

It’s possible that sync is ON and Scaler is triggered by that from the start and not when it hits the note you’ve set it to start with.
Check in Settings if DAW Sync is ON and try leaving it OFF
After the advices that Jamieh already gave, this is the only thing that comes to mind. Luck

These are known issues with M1, Monterey and 10.7.2 using MIDI FX. We are working with the DEVs to try and have this fixed. Has been an issue for all third party MIDI FX and the combination of M1 Machines and Monterey. Hopeful for some improvement in Scaler 2.6

It looks like you have ScalerControl and ScalerAudio on the same track?

Thank you @davide. This is what I thought. Good luck with 2.6.
Thank you @jamieh and @jjfagot for the help.
Yes Jamieh they are both on the same track but not turned on at the same time :). it was just to test. I’m afraid Davide answer is the correct one and I’ll have to wait.

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@davide any update on that issue? :slight_smile:

2.6 is more stable and not getting any crashes but MIDI FX still has its quirks due to an issue with Apple and the open source framework we use (it’s fine under Rosetta). I’m confident we will get there soon.