Logic Pro X. Scaler as input to another VST but not using MIDIFX

I would like to do what this guy does in cubase in Logic Pro X https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p0u2qVzuos&t=221s

He outputs from reMIDI into Scaler which then inputs to Kontakt Orchestra 2. It does not use midiFX. It configures in inputs in Logic Pro X which I know is not easy at all in Logic as all inputs go into a sequencer. I can configure reMIDI as MidiFx, into Scaler, however then I need to route scaler into the input of Orchestra 2 or in my case Spitfire originals.

Anyone know how to do this. Thank you Robert

Welcome @rtwiddy You can use the midi FX chain in Logic but key here is he is using Orchestra 2’s phrases and performances. The versatility comes into using a combinations of the three plugs triggering.