Logic x midi fx

having trouble getting scaler to work as a midi fx in logic x. Works fine as an instrument but doesnt trigger or output midi as a midi fx. Any help plz

Hi @littlefires

when using Scaler as a MIDI FX you need to load an instrument on the same track. Once you have loaded your instrument, try to send a MIDI note from your MIDI controller or the Logic virtual keyboard (Window > Show Keyboard) to check if the instrument outputs any sound before clicking on Scaler

Hi Ed1. I am having the exact same issue. Scaler previously worked the way you explained here but now it no longer works for me. There is sound being triggered when I click the piano part of the interface at the top, but when I click on the chords I get nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

can you visit this post to vote in order to help fix this issue?