Longer sequence than 8 chords (for the drag boxes at the bottom)

Apologies if this is very rudimentary, after looking at a few videos and then having a first try with Scaler yesterday evening (impressive) I was wondering… if you wish to make a chord progression longer than 8 chords in sequence how do you get another 8 boxes to drag chords into ? I think this is going to be an incredible useful tool for me.

Just make a new Pattern. You can make up to 7. So you can have 8x7 chords in pad view all playable. Lasso the patterns to play from one to the next.

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Ok thanks Jamieh, I presume there is an easy button for it, not in front of scaler right now.

I also had the same question. Now got the answer. Thanks.

Right beside the Pattern button.

Lasso all Patterns to Bind them all.


Many thanks for the response.