Looking for a way to "lock" durations

Is it possible to “lock” the chord durations on the EDIT page so that when we’re experimenting with chord changes elsewhere in the plugin, those duration settings are not lost with a chord change?


Good idea, never noticed this before.

I’ve raised this as a possible bug.

Currently impossible, but I hope it will be possible indeed

Added https://forum.scalerplugin.com/t/feature-request-ability-to-lock-durations-so-that-chord-changes-dont-alter-lengths/12855 so that it’s better noticed.

Good spot @eleneski and welcome to the forum. EDIT parameters should not travel with the chords and should remain in their slot thus replacing a chord should retain parameter settings in EDIT mode. @Ed1 will have a look at it and we will sneak out an update asap.

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Cool thanks! Appreciate the interest in the idea.

Thinking about this you can work around this using midi binding, but it is a work around and not a solution.