Looks like people are designing chord presets for Scaler 2 now

I saw an ad for this web site https://www.renderaudio.com/ selling chord progression presets and MIDI files. They have sets specific to Scaler 2 as well as just the MIDI files. First time I’ve seen that.

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That is, if Scaler has “custom perform”
Some people also sell rhythm and style
Very funny
Scaler has created a new world

Yeah Im a big fan of this chord progression preset. I use his previous chord sets with ripchord but scaler 2 is a far better tool for utilising chord sets. I actually signed up on here hoping to find some chord sets.


I think their price is a little expensive :rofl:

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So do I. $30 for chord progressions. The chords are all in Scaler anyway, you just need to string them together.

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actually it is discounted, from 40 to 30
a bargain for lazy composers
:crazy_face: :rofl:

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What does this tell you guys? We could make a killing by underbidding the market with our “special offers”, selling our genius chord progressions for $19.99 :slight_smile:


Hi :wave: my name is Gravez and I’m the founder and CEO of Render and the creator of Prisms !

Thanks so much for the feedback… We totally understand. Originally, Prisms was created for Ripchord “solely” and was composed of multiple chord voicings and progressions that i’ve learned throughout my career in music that are prominent in black genres (robert glasper, terrance martin, cory henry, erykah badu, dwele, etc.) that a lot of companies never seem to get just right when it comes to theory.

After the success of our releases we now have over 12,000 supporters. Which is why we’re always listening and taking in any feedback or constructive criticism as we grow as a company. One of the main request we were constantly receiving from our supporters was making our chord presets compatible with Scaler 2 and it’s core functions.

We also partnered with Klarna to make it easier for customers so they only have to pay 1/4 of the cost for all of our releases every two weeks. We also offer a “full refund no questions asked” if you aren’t satisfied with our products and if you aren’t able to purchase our products we have given out our packs to many supporters completely free of charge as we understand times can be difficult. Just reach out to us on instagram or email us your socials or Youtube channel and will hook you up :wink:

One of our main goals as a company is to make sure we create a solid foundation and trust with our audience. We want to make our supporters feel happy when they shop with us and feel they get more value out of there purchase which is why we even created our rewards program. Once you support us, we return the favor forever with free packs, kits and releases every single month. Supporters are also automatically entered in our monthly giveaways were we give away hardware, keyboards, synthesizers, gear, instruments and plugins.

We actually just gave away a few prizes this month to a few lucky producers with $100 to spend on any plugins they want from Plugin Boutique. We even gave away a custom XBOX SERIES X as a Grand Prize to another producer which you can see on our instagram below if your interested.


A little story about me if your wondering is that I am a multi-platinum producer and have been in the music industry for 13 years and have produced for a ton of artist (Kid Cudi, Bryson Tiller, 6LACK, Chris Brown, Logic, Pop Smoke, Russ, Skepta, etc.) I’m also well-trained in piano and theory for 7+ years particularly with black genres (jazz, gospel, R&B, neo-soul). One of the main reasons, I created Prisms was because I wanted to provide an easier access and understanding to some of the chord voicings and progressions that i’ve learned and used over the years that i’ve found prominent throughout these genres. Which is one thing I notice a lot of companies never seem to get down packed.

Sorry for the long response, I really do appreciate any time you take. And once again thanks for your feedback. Believe… we are making up for it in more ways than you think !!

Happy Creating.


Multi-Platinum Producer
CEO & Founder of Render


Haha please do !! I believe in spreading the knowledge. The more tools we share with one another the better we learn and grow.

We would totally understand. we actually always have given away some of our packs over the years for free if people aren’t able to afford our products.

That’s one reason we have built such a solid foundation so far and trust among our supporters which mean more to us then a temporary price tag in the long run.

Hi @Gravez

Welcome to the forum, the multiple links in your posts plus your signature got the anti-spam bot to go crazy it seems. Probably due to having a fresh account.

We’re happy for you to share what you are doing around Scaler here for others to discover.


Interesting story @Gravez

I am always curious to know the background of anything, and the people behind

I did a look at you packages, but I found their content not very well explained
For example, even if I select Scaler the page says Ripchord is needed

That said all them seem containing a mix of genres, while I would prefer specialized packages like for example AAS Strum-GS sounds

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When I had 6 19inch racks of hardware, one box was an Obeheim Matrix 1000 analogue synth [ Oberheim Matrix 1000 | Vintage Synth Explorer ] . It was so called because it had 1000 patches. Rather like Scaler, it was challenge to find precisely what you wanted because you fell asleep at around number 389.

On this basis and although it was panned here, I actually coughed up something under 30USD for Niko’s MIDI Pack, and with the bonus packs that number over 2,000 midi files. I figured if there were 30 good ones to use as a basis, it might be worth it at a buck a pop. IMHO, there were 30 (and more) that were worthwhile.
Just my opinion, but I need all the help I can get :roll_eyes:

(@ClaudioPorcellana look away now)
I also got some sets from DMS, but they are focussed on EDM / Trance / Ambient, and there are some very good sequences in the sets I chose. You can download samples to see what sort of stuff it is. Some sets mix stems and WAV samples or loops in, although I prefer the plain midi sets. I have a couple of the ‘epic chord’ sets, which are quite useful … good voicing.


I think I’ll would give up well before: do you remember the max 50 slides rule in slide-shows?

EDM / Trance / Ambient: YUK!

I just bought it, and I am curious to see what can jump out

Since weeks I am thinking to upload karaoke MIDIs in Scaler, because I tried a couple of times to re-create a famous song, and found the process extremely hard and boring :zzz:

So maybe I found a better way now

Well, I did tell you to avert your eyes from the comment, which would have avoided your shiver of revulsion at the mere mention of EDM … :nauseated_face:

[Aside : BTW, you need to be structured in working through the Niko files, as the breakdown of the mids is not well explained. You should have three folders namely
Nikos 1000 midi / Nikos bonus free addons / Nikos+MIDI+pack.
As they are for piano, they assume a sharp attack and quick delay, and hence if you choose other patches, both duration and velocity might need to be tweaked.

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I can cope with EDM wearing 3M PELTOR Optime 105 earmuffs, but trance is unbearable :rofl:

I just bought all three!

I purchased them all and they work excellently in Scaler 2. No need for RipChord.

Big ups Gravez! s/o HW&W!

Hollywood Floss also has some Scaler chord sets on Beatstars