Loop/deloop each line in Section C

I asked for a way to loop one line only here
but there is no way currently to have a loop on a line and no loop on another

yet being able to loop single lines in Section C could spare space
(less lines used in repetitive situations)
and could be vital when your chord sequence goes far beyond 8 lines

Do you compose in Session or Arrange view?

do you mean in Ableton?

Yes in Ableton. I think you said you use Ableton to compose unless I am mistaken.

you are right Jamieh

well, I compose the most outside Ableton:
Scaler makes the guitar and keyboard parts
EzBass usually receive the keyboard MIDI
EzDrums works by itself only setting it to use a relevant rhythm

very rarely I edit some MIDI, as e.g. for the Rhodes in the Fela Kuti style song

and in that case I work here

Since you work this way you can easily do what you want with 2 or so Scalers and the Device on/off automation. So easy, in fact, I’m surprised you are not doing it already. That’s not to discount your suggestion but since it is a good one but you don’t have to wait to do what you want.

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don’t forget that I am a “rabbit” composer LOL

and you are right, but in the specific Fela Kuti’s song there was an even easier way to have the job done: instead of recording 2 rests first, I had just do start recording the song immediately, and drop the recorded MIDI 2 beats further…

thanks for your advices anyway: I put a note on every tip I receive in this forum, and I’ll use them a day or another

Yes… if @jamieh had promoted his suggestion with maybe some coffee and the right kind of carrot you might have gone for it, being a “rabbit” composer, and all. (Do “rabbit” composers drink coffee?)

Some day… it’ll all be a lot clearer than mud, but until then, well…