Lydian scale detected as E Minor

Hey there!

I’m loving this tool for learning scales and chords, and only got it 2 days ago! Very nice.

Although I just found something weird, I’m playing on detect, I start off with a C to try and specify the root note, but it still detects the Lydian scale as E minor.

Could there be a way to specify a root note when you’re playing a scale so it only detects scales and chords from that root only? Of course the main functionality is still useful in case you’re learning and find a set of notes that belongs to another root, but the bug I found in particular makes it kind of weird, if I start in C and play the Lydian scale, of course I want it to be detected as Lydian, even though the notes on both scales are equal.

I believe a way to set your preferred root note (in detection mode) to learn or to explore in composition would be a huge addition to the software, please consider this in the future!

If I’m missing some functionality that helps this, please let me know! I’m still not acquainted with the plugin