Macro Control to scroll through user presets

Good day. Really enjoying Scaler 2 - it is absolutely amazing. I created a lot of user presets and would really like to be able to scroll through them using a rotor on my midi controller, rather than my mouse, in order to speed up my workflow.

Please consider adding this feature.

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Once you have selected an item in any menu you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to cycle through menu items

Good day. Is there any chance that we can get some macros to assign to some of the controls, e.g. to scroll through user presets, change instrument, semitone, octave, etc.

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I really want this too, for ableton so I can change them on the fly while preforming on the push 2.

This is not quite the use case, I want to be able to assign it to knobs to change the rhythm in realtime while playing.

Can definitely do it currently but need to use a mouse an keyboard which isn’t ideal live or when in the flow.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You will be able to assign < and > to CC in 2.4.1 due very soon! Also includes lots of new ‘Common’ Phrases.


Oh great, thanks for the quick response!