Main menu not displaying fully

Hi fellas …
Just a small issue, but I find when I open Scaler 2 in either my DAW (Reaper), or in Tone2, the main buttons below the keyboard appear incomplete. I have supplied a screenshot, and would really welcome any thoughts regarding a remedy for the situation. I can correct the issue by simply clearing the state in the “Session” section, but feel I shouldn’t have to do that?
I an running Windows 11, using Reaper v6.42, and have Scaler 2.5 installed.
(jamie h suggested I pass it to you guys)

Thanks for any suggestions…

Does anyone have any ideas guys???

Don’t worry guys … sorted it out on my own.

What solved the problem?

Bit of a pain in the a*** really jamieh … I completely removed every single part of Scaler2 from my laptop, then reinstalled in stages. I replaced v2.4, and all was well. I then updated to v2.5, and the problem/issue returned.
I then noticed a programme called “Scaler Settings” in the list of applications … I clicked on that and a three part menu appeared that included “Preferences” … Playback Settings" and “Help”. There were three options under the “Help” button … “Reset to Defaults”… “Turn OFF Open GL” and “Open Scaler Manual”. I turned OFF the OPENGL option, and my problem was cured.
I’m a bit disappointed really … being a relative novice to Scaler 2, I would have assumed that someone in Support, or someone with advanced knowledge of the product, could have given me the simple advice required to alleviate this fault sooner, avoiding all the vast additional work that I completed during my remedial attempts.
Thanks for YOUR interest anyway my friend.

I should have mentioned that but yours was different then other users. Almost everyone that had that problem had a black screen starting Scaler. Glad you figured it out.

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Here is the article that would have saved all the unecessary work … Manage Default Preferences with ScalerSettings I wish I had seen it first!!!

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Hey Phil…certainly no fun floating out there for a while but glad you got it sorted.

I know a # of us try to keep an eye on support requests with 0 responses and it is unusual that we go a week with no replies. I suspect holidays and the fact that you were not dead in the water contributed to the delay. I know I could not reproduce your situation so I did not have any suggestions. If someone is a 1st time poster, I’ll usually let people know I “feel their pain” even if I can’t add anything to the solution. I think I’ll revise that protocol.

Your research did result in some good info regarding the Open GL toggle under the Help menu. That seems an odd place to have a UI control (@Ed1) but I’m sure glad you found it and thanks for posting about it.

Happy Holidays

Cheers mister … thanks for your reply.
You have a great holiday too!!

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the solution was posted on the same day in the other post: Main buttons not displaying correctly - #3 by Phillyn17

Duplicate threads… I guess a lot of us didn’t bother replying a second time.

Sorry @Phillyn17 and thank you for coming back and posting what worked for you

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Cheers Ed1 … all good now.
Yeah, I transferred the post on the recommendation of jamieh.
It may be a great idea to place that option within the Scaler 2 UI options (Under HELP settings), would make life a lot simpler?
Seasons Greetings!!