Maintain suggestion voicing question

Hi everyone!

Even though I have maintain suggestion voicing enabled, quite often one of the chords scaler suggests is in a different register to the ones in my progression.

For example, in the screenshot, all of the chords in my progression are contained in the octave C2-B2, but the Amaj in the suggested modulation pathway reaches up to C#4, which is completely out of context with my progression and the other suggested chords.

Does anyone know why that is happening?

Also, what is the best workaround? Drag the Amaj to section C and edit it individually?


I was looking for a way to do these voicing edits and chord progression suggestions all at once. Unfortunately, my DAW piano roll doesn’t have chord tracks or ghost notes enabled, so I always struggle. I think it would be very convenient to add piano roll to the chord suggestion section.