Make individual arpegio for every chord

Is awesome that we can make our own chord, but it would be excelent if we could make our own arpegio for every chord. An 1 - 4 bars piano-roll that opens for every chord and will be adopted from the chord “knob” would do the job.

Now i can make “realy” guitar chords, the way that a guitar player would play. For example an open C major and a open E major or A major have totaly different note sequence and can not be “transported” as same for all major chords. Now i can build the chord in Scaler, that’s good, but the arpegios from Scaler “Performance” don’t take this in to account and playiing their own note sequence that some times is not even playable on a guitar. Apart from that the arpegio combinations are endless, but with this feature Scaler can solve the problem. As far as I know τhere is no other software out there that can do this. Scaler will be unique.

Hey and welcome to the forum @leftezi This will be possible toward the end of '24!