Make my progression more "sophisticated" feature

Sorry I didn’t have a more elegant title to call this, but generally for someone like myself who is still a student of music and finds scaler a FANTASTIC tool for those purposes, I was musing as to how awesome it would be for scaler to “suggest” how to make your chord progression more sophisticated by suggesting substitutions, passing chords, secondary dominants, etc… Sort of a music AI bot that would look at your current progression and give you a more elegant version of it. Hope this made sense. Thanks again for an awesome tool. :slight_smile:

Well scaler does all of that by making it easier for you to do that without so much theory. I know it’s not what your asking but the magic of scaler is that it empowers the user. Watch lots of videos and tutorials. Learn what your supposed to do and then explore the many avenues that scaler allows you to make sophisticated chord progressions. Even just start with one of scaler genre or artist based chord sets. Many of those are great to use and learn from