Make Scaler smarter and more convenient

Make Scaler smarter.

  1. Chord stable output, such as Em C G D, is pulled out by Scaler as follows:

And we need to adjust to this:

Hope to pull out directly is more stable chord structure, we often use chord structure.

2.Music knows only chords, but it can’t. Column chords, broken chords are often used for accompaniment.
Semi-decomposition chord
I hope Scaler can provide some. Different music and different rhythms will make Scaler smarter, more convenient, more popular and help more people.

Chord rhythms is something that Captain Chords has ( a rival to Scaler).
I own both , and do find myself appreciating C.Chords ryhthm options, and Arp stuff.
I resisted buying Scaler for a long time, hoping C.Chords would recognise Midi fed to it, but the developers have been slow and its just been a long journey of getting hold of the PC versions of their plugins that work well. Some of their stuff is still in Beta.

I think the OP is referring to automatic chord inversions (“voicings”) to reduce jumps in progressions, a feature that is, I understand, coming soon to Scaler.
Most of the other products that appear to rival Scaler (and I like to check them all out) have a different focus, IMO: “make music without needing to learn theory”. I see Scaler as the best learning tool.

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@pumafredExactly and thanks for the good vibes, indeed a ‘Voicing’ feature is coming and in development.
@MasterTuner I think you will love some brand new features coming to Scaler 2 later this year.


Actually, Scaler is very good. I just hope he’s smarter, so that he can help more people who don’t understand music. Actually, I’ve made a lot of progress by learning music knowledge, plus Scaler. Thank you for your invention!

I’m really hyped for scaler 2 it’s going to be amazing.


So, does Scaler with its current strum and arpeg features allow a way to humanize those? Or is everything fixed and rigid? I was learning about Chord Composer from Intuitive Audio and they seem to really put a focus more on “humanizing” their ultimate chord composer…

I own Scaler, just beginning to use it… Thanks for the comments on Captain, I was thinking I might look at that as well. But, Scaler has built in sounds, and easier to use and “think” up ideas in Reason with it, hopefully is my use…

@dayzk Settings/Humanise velocity. It’s limited ATM but we are working on further ‘humanistation’

Captain has built in sounds. The development of the plugins has been slow, but when they eventually get there, it will be a very good product.
Where Captain is good is that it suggests melodies for the chord progression and a bass line. The Captain Bass is limited because it only provides rhythmic variations ,not melodic ones.
Capt. Melody is still in Beta.

So far I’ve really enjoyed Scaler Program, hoping to see more in the future.


Scaler is almost perfect for me! Automatic inversions wil be the stuff of dreams and bass notes too. I love the program thank you.