Make the chord complex first, and then make the chord simple

Mode=“lurk off”

I am totally in agreement with this, but would go further and say that it’s not really feasible - economically, architecturally or intellectually - to address all the needs of a diverse and growing user base. The variety of requirements in the user population means that all software products (other than those with a defined single function) are a compromise for someone.

IMHO, it’s up to the user to review what is available, and pick the least worse option, and then where possible to change their behaviour to fit rather than have an unrealistic expectation that the product ‘should’ do it.

I spent 40 years in the software product authoring business listening to would-be clients saying “Any product worth its salt would …” and thinking “Ok, smart ass, then you should get it from any of our competitors”.

However, enough bought our gizmo to allow me to eke out a meagre living until retirement …

Mode=“lurk on”


Is it a toggle on your keyboard?

Last time I checked Zappa wasn’t software.

Yes, I have it as a key switch on my JD
luk mode

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Zappa was a heavy user of the Synclavier, wasn’t he? That was software based :wink:

He was. Much like Raymond Scott, Zappa had trouble finding musicians that could play exactly as he wanted. The Synclavier helped him actualize some of his more difficult pieces.

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What kind of “check” did you perform on Zappa?
Just curious
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Easy to believe…

BTW, in this website you can find Zappa MIDIs to drop on Scaler GUI
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[Presses C1 (see above)]

Well, he did find one - see this snippet of Vai’s interview with him …

[Presses C1 again]


I was thinking to jam something when I run up against this video offered by YouTube next to the @yorkeman one… and I was enchanted

And now, good night with this one