Manual renaming of incorrectly identified chords

As I’m using scaler 2 more I’m noticing what I feel like is a bigger issue relating to previous discussions on sash chords. It is that the program will not correctly recognize chords if the root is not the base note. For example an FMaj with an A in the bass is recognized as an Amin chord instead of F/A. it doesn’t seem that there is a way to correct wrong chord names manually. I think that would be a very useful feature. That way I could have the chord in the voicing I want with the name I want.

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Allowing chord name changes can open up a can of worms in a live always detecting environment but yes we need to and will recognise bass notes soon.


I second that…I have a G7 with a D in the bass, (2nd inversion) in c minor, and it sees it as a Dmin6 11 chord! A right click - rename, or similar would be a great feature…

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I’m using the root in the bass, followed by the b7, 3rd, and 9th. Scaler 2 is calling it an F#m b9 / A when I want it to say A13. This is a very common form of 13 chords on the guitar, only I’m doing that same chord form on the piano because it’s such a clean, uncluttered chord sound. For example, a song like “Lowdown” by Boz Scaggs uses this form going from Em7 to A13, sliding the b7 and b3 of Em down a semitone to become the b7 and 3rd of the A13.

When I go to Main and set the Scale to D Major scale and turn on 13ths, the chord it shows for A13 is actually an A11 (A major chord + the b7, 9, & 11). There is NO 13 even in that chord form, so that’s wrong. I’m using the very latest Scaler 2 as of Sunday, August 13, 2023, FYI.

Really, really need to be able to use much more common chord names that most piano & guitar players will be able to quickly read and play.

If this ability has been added (I see the thread is 3 years old), please tell me how to edit the chord name. I got here from a Google search. I have checked the Scaler 2 manual and find nothing regarding renaming chords. I imagine this comes up quite a lot for those of us that write charts and know our music theory and want it to keep it easy for anyone reading our charts.