Max repeat in section C's playback timing

I was working with a very boring chord sequence, which includes a part repeating a chord 7 times. But, repeat in playback timing is limited to 4. So, I used duration 3.5 x repeat 2 instead.

Is there any reason not allowing too big (> 4) repeats?

What chord duration were you using? With a 16 beat chord duration and a playback duration of 4x it gives you 16 bars or 64 unique beats. If you use the 4x repeat you get 64 bars or 256 beats containing 4 repeating patterns. Are those not enough to cover what you need?

I agree with you that current max values are big enough is most cases.

My questions or concerns were
(1) Are there any reasons preventing bigger numbers (more memory, more CPU powers spents for bigger numbers?)
(2) If required during length is an odd number, it should be represeted as multiple of fraction (e.g. 3.5 x 4), which induces changes (Correct me if I am wrong) of generated performance patterns in the middle of bar.